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Yichang Gezhouba Phosphorous Chemical Co., Ltd.


Yi Shennongjia subsidiary plant chang Gezhouba Phosphorous Chemical Co., Ltd. , a specialist of phosphorous chemicals, which possesses fixed asset of up to 0.1 billion RMB, is a fully invested subsidiary Co. of Chinese Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Electricity Engineering Group, with three factories affiliated to it and occuping a acreage of over 38,000sqm, 20,000 of which has been devoted to construction. The productivity of yellow phosphorus, Industrial phosphoric acid, Food-grade is 8000t, 15,000t and 5000t respectively. The Co. has self-owned wharf operating on kilo-ton grade, and has been sold to many places across China, the exported quota of the products are on the increase on a yearly bases, and has emerged as one of the important manufacturing and exporting bases of phosphorous chemicals in Hubei province. The office building of Yichang Gezhouba phosphorous chemicals Co., is located at the gorge of Xilin blessed with beautiful scenery, and in the vicinity of Chinese Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Electricity Engineering Group. Yichang has also established branch office in Nanjing. The Co. is registered in Xiaoting Developing Zone in Yichang City in 1991, and enjoys a fairly convenient transportation with 318 National Avenue on the North, Changjiang Golden Avenue on the south, Yichang Changjiang Bridge to the west, Three gorges Airport on the east.

Gezhouba Phosphorous Chemicals Industry Co. is committed itself in upgrade the quality of product and service. With indomitable spirit, people in "Gezhouba" has already created phosphorous undertaking of its own. Over the years, we served heart and soul to the clients, and preserved the "Gezhouba" image, coined "Gelin" Brand with toil and sweet, taken an active part in the international competition and played its due role in Hubei phosphorous industry.

On February 27, 2004, Yichang City Gezhouba Phosphoric Chemical Industrial Company held a news-issuing conference about the certification of ISO9000:2000.

Over the recent years, in front of the market situation of fierce competition, our company has been committed to the enterprise spirit of“Serving Market, Keeping Promise, Practice and Innovation, Pursuing Excellent”, striving to strengthen our management system, respecting market, and widely making friends, so that our image and profit has been widely promoted.

In front of new historic opportunities, we are determined to reconstruct our management system and create the quality policies of our company of“Meeting the Demand of the Market with Service, Promoting the Improvement of Quality with Innovation”according to the“Demands of Quality Management System”of GB/T-2000. We stress that serving the market is an important component of our enterprise spirit and our ultimate objective is the satisfaction of customers, which will be reached through the elevation of service consciousness and service quality. Creation and improvement are our long-term working principles and operating concept. We will keep pace with the market and the times.

Every department and manufacturing units of our company attended the conference actively and enthusiastically and expressed their determination and confidence in contributing to the establishment of quality system of our company. We will let the market feel our sincerity and supply our customers with more high-quality products.

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