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Donguan Talent Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Talent Chemical Co.,Ltd. owns a complete set of chemical production equipment and complete infrastructure. Our company has adopted advanced international and domestic production technology and expanded and developed itself by producing modification melamine resin, textile coating rubber, detergent and sewage treatment agent etc.. At the same time,guided by market,our company continues improving technology and developing new products. Now our company has been developed into a large-scale hi-tech fine chemical enterprise which can produce dozens of products.

Our company persists on the development philosophy of talent-oriented. It owns a group of professionals with practical experience and keeps technological cooperation with many textile universities and scientific research institutes. New products and technology are applied in textile industry and excellent products and complete technical service are provided for clients.

Talent chemical Co.,Ltd. has business in North China, East China and South in Fujian. Our company keeps to the operating philosophy of "excellent quality, customers and service first, exploitation and innovation, never satisfied". We are determined to make contributions to the society with excellent quality and service.

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