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Xinxiang High-technology Ceramic Material Corp


Xinxiang High-technology Ceramic Material Corp and Great Wall Aluminium Hydroxide Powder Plant belong to the Huojia county Loucun industry Corp. It is situated in Xinxiang city of Henan province, next to Taihang Mountain in the north, the Yellow River in the south. Communication close to the plant is very convention with main railway line of Beijing-Guangzhou and the highway of Beijing-Shenzhen. There are Zhongzhou Aluminium Plant and Zhengzhou Aluminium Plant around our plant which are our raw material bases and provide us with advantageous development condition.

The plant is established in 1992. It has a fixed assets of RMB 60 million. The plant has about 350 employees, among whom 95 are middle, senior technicians. The plant covers an area of 36000m2. It is one of the biggest producing base of high purity alumina. It produces <> brand high purity alumina 800 ton per year and special aluminium hydroxide 40000 ton per year.

The plant is a collective business that has its own research department, producing works and sale department. The plant consists on the developing stratagem that the person is the basis and thrive the plant by the science and technology. We increase the devotion of the development of the science and technology in the plant. We developed the process by ourselves the thermal decompisition of ammonium alum carbonate to produce the high purity superfine alumina. We gain the honor of "advanced plant in science and technology of Henan Province" and "high and new technology plant in Henan Province" and 96 torch plan by Henan province science and technology department. We also gain thehonor of "new product of China" by national science and technology department in 1999. We achieved the authentication of the quality management system of ISO9002 in 1999. We gain the honor of AAA grade credit plant by banks for years.

Our products are widely used transparent ceramics, fluorescence powder, biological ceramics, mechanical ceramics, man-made gem, toothpaste, rubber, plastic, construction material, flame retardant and so on.

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