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Hunnan King Stone Minerals Group


Hunnan King Stone Minerals Group is a large-scale nongovernmental enterprise specialized in mining, separating mineral and deep processing. It can produce 75,000 tons zinc ingot metal per year, 12,000 tons electrolytic manganese metal sheet and manganese ingot, 20,000 tons superfine active zinc powder, 3,000 tons electric furnace zinc powder and 50 million batteries. Our company owns a fixed capital of 0.18 billion yuan. Yearly production value has reached 0.8 billion yuan, sales revenue has reached 1 billion yuan and foreign currency reached 10 million USD by exporting goods.

Hunan King Stone Minerals Group owns advanced management, powerful technical strength and excellent product quality. "Wuling"brand, "Kingstone" brand zinc ingot metal, manganese ingot, super fine active zinc powder are well received by clients at home and abroad. Production technique ranks first in our country. In "Hunan University City "of Changsha, our group established a research base specialized in developing metal powder material.

Hunan King Stone Minerals Group sincerely welcomes clients to visit our group and purchase and use "Wuling " brand, "King stone" brand products produced by Hunan King Stone Minerals Group. We would like to provide first-grade products and first-grade service for you.

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