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Nangong Shenghua Chemical Co. Ltd.


We are Nangong Shenghua Chemical Co. Ltd. (formerly known as NANGONG CHEMICAL PLANT NO.1). Established in 1976, we have a staff of 450, including 80 technicians. We have 40 million yuan of fixed assets, and our output value is over 100 million yuan. In 1985, we were granted full import-export rights. Our annual import and export revenues are around twenty million US dollars. We are considered a key enterprise in Hebei Province.

Our main products are sebacic acid, caproic acid, and anti-oxidants. Every year, we produce 5,000 mt of sebacic acic, 1,500 mt of caproic acid, and 1,200 mt of DMS and DOS. Our other products include fluorescent agent OB-1, anti-oxidant NGKY-1035, 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinol, triacetonamin, octanol, glycerine, fatty acids, heptoic acid, and ethyl caproate. Our main products have passed and been approved by the "Quality System Certificate of Conformity".

Sebacic acid, DMS and antioxidants have a good market in the US, Europe and South-east Asia.The by-products also are sold well in China. We believe in producing high quality products and working towards a better reputation. We look forward to establishing business relationships with friends from all around the world.

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