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Sichuan Blue Sword Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.


Sichuan Blue Sword Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd., formerly named as chuanxi phosphochemical group co., are now a subsidiary under Sichuan Blue Sword Group. We have obtained ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification. Our group consists of 5 subsidiary companies including: Sichuan Blue Sword Chuanxi Phosphates Co., Ltd., Sichuan Blue Sword Phosphochemical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Blue Sword Import & Export Co., Ltd., Shifang Blue Sword Materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan Blue Sword Argochemical Co., Ltd.

Owning phosphate mines in south-west of china, we have become a large-scale enterprise group specialized in manufacturing and marketing yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid , fine phosphates, feed phosphates and N.P.K. compound fertilizers in China. Our main products and capacity are :20,000 tons of yellow phosphorus, 80,000 tons of phosphoric acid, 2,000 tons of red phosphorus, 50,000 tons of sodium tripolyphosphate(STPP), 20,000 tons of sodium hexametaphosphate(SHMP), 50,000 tons of monoammonium phosphate(MAP) and diammonium phosphate(DAP), 10,000 tons tetra sodium pyrophosphate(TSPP) and tetra potassium pyrophosphate(TKPP), 10,000 tons of monosodium phosphate(MSP) and disodium phosphate (DSP) and trisodium phosphate(TSP), 5,000 tons of sodium hexametaphosphate of food grade, 5,000 tons of sodium tripoly phosphater of food grade, and other ammonium phosphates and sodium phosphates of food grade, 300,000 tons of N.P.K. compound fertilizers and 200,000 tons of Di-calcium phosphate(DCP). Over 90% of the products are exported to over 50 countries and regions around the world, enjoying a high reputation among the customers both at home and abroad.

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