Sichuan Blue Sword Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.


Product Type:
Organic chemicals And derivatives/Other organic chemicals
Main Specifications:
Yellow or white translucent crystallold with garlicky odor
Packing: 200kg net in metal pail, store at a ventilated, dry palce.
Uses: Used as a raw materilal for the manufacture of phosphoric acid , pesticides , and high performance fertilizers
Product Description: Yellow or white translucent crystallold with garlicky odor,turns dark in color on exposure to lilght. Melting point at 44.1íŠ , Boiling point at 280íŠ ,density at 1.82; it burns spontaneously in air with evolution of white smoke. Soluble in benzene, carbon bisulfide and chloroform slightly soluble in ether , insoluble in water. Both elementary phosphorus and its smoke are very toxic so that it must be stored in water and immersed in water for storage.

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