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Hengyang Xinhua Chemical Metallurgy Co., Ltd.


Hengyang Xinhua Chemical Industry Metallurgy General Company is a large scale chemical industry metallurgy enterprise. It is affiliated with China Nuclear Industry Company. We are national second grade enterprise, first grade measure unit, and good unit of national equipment management. We got the management awards. We were one of 1000 key contact enterprises of national economy & trade committee in 1995. In December,1997, we got the certification of ISO9002 quality system, We were one of ten key advantage companies of Hunan province in 1999.

Our company is located in the south suburb of Hengyang city, which is close to Jingguang railway and national highway 107. Our company covers an area of 5.79 square kilometers. We have 15km railway and 4,000 employees, 400 of whom are technicians. Besides 5 factories and 5 companies, we have R&D centre, design room, quality inspection office, production office, QC office etc. We have experienced work team and complete facilities.

Our company was founded in 1958. We have produced military products for 40 years. Our products have been exported to USA and Europe. Our products include titanium white powder, color TV grade sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, neutral protease, forage enzyme preparation, SPFS, copperas, ammonium molybdate etc. Customers are highly satisfaction with our mechanical construction companies.

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