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Tongling Yangguang Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.


Tongling Yangguang Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Tongling city, which is located near national highway 312, Nanjing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. We enjoy good location.

Our company consists of Tongling Shengkai Technology Development Co., Ltd, Tongling Xinghai Synthetic Material Factory, Tongling Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. . We are specialized in the synthesis of dye, pesticide intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate. We believe in honest business and independence business.

Upholding good environmental condition , human resource and policy, united production and trade through technology, we will provide quality product for you.

Our staffs are honesty & independence persons. They are doing them best to contribute the society. "Unique product or quality product of market" is our market philosophy. We welcome your business.

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