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Puyang Lixin Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Puyang Lixin Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in Puyang(east of Henan province). It enjoys a convenient transportation for it is close to Yellow River,only 200km away from Zhengzhou and Jinan.

Our company encompasses scientific research, production, development and marketing. Our company tries to develop high technology on the basis of market. Our company has developed and expanded on rich material, advanced managing system,powerful researching level,excellent product quality,strict quality control system, flexible marketing strategy and cordial after sale service.

Our company has put large amount of capital and energy into product research and developed many kinds of organic products. According to latest international technological development and international advanced manufacturing technique, our company has developed production plant for Acrylic Acid which has a yearly production capacity of 7000 tons. At present our company has become the largest manufacturer for Acrylic Acid in our country.

Since the establishment of Acrylic Acid project, our company has owned a large group of clients, who think high of our products. On the basis of sincerity, we would like to develop new products to serve our clients better.

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