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Sichuan Kaite science and technology Corporation (Group) Ltd.


Sichuan Kaite science and technology Corporation (Group) Ltd. is a large-scale collectivized enterprise run by the local people, which incorporating science, industry and trade. The headquarters located in Mianyang City, which is honored as the scientific and technological city of west China, where have a good condition in information consulting, traffic, infrastructures and have a group of outstanding people. Seven subsidiary under group, involved in following four major industry : fine chemistry industry, commodity chemistry, paper product and paper products, glass product etc.,and are continueing developping toward retailing, logistic etc. .

Kaite is a ripe collective, the group can trace back to its' predecessor " Mianyang Guo Guang Chemical Factory" ,which established in 1984. About 20 years uninterrupted seeking, struggle and self-perfection, Kaite of today has already developed into a dazzling star in enterprises run by the local people of Mianyang and even Sichuan Province. During the development course of the past 20 years, the group has not merely established one suitable mode of production and management for enterprise to follow the tendency closely, trained a large quantities of experienced production administrative staff, but also grasped the pulse of the times, throw up old to take in new ideas actively, through popularize and use new developing technology and means of operation and administration, introduce large quantities of outstanding qualified personnel in a specific field,etc. to supplementing fresh nourishment and blood for the group constantly. Kaite of today, is riding the spring breeze of reform and opening-up and the development of western regions, heading on another spring of enterprise's development. Especially the cooperation with Zhejiang Nice Group, the leading washing enterprise of China, since 2000 , bring Kaite a good chance to accumulate abundant experience in the production and management of the washing products.

Kaite is also a young collective, not merely because the time that she regroup is not long yet, but also she have a group of young vigorous staff that have long-range goal. In Kaite, the average age of middle level the above lead is less than 35,more than 90 percent of the first line produce staff are 20-30 years old. It is this group of passionate young people that structure the passionate Kaite collective and realize magnificent future of Kaite.

Kaite is a collective with hoping even more. In line with the enterprise aim " grow with time and exploit future", group aims at the front of the market while set up and cooperate with high level universities such as Tsing-Hua University actively, Introduce advanced international standards production techniques , build up the taurine production line, which is the first one that can produce 1500 tons per year in southwest area. This production line can bring more than 15 million income to the group every year alone. Besides, the group still invests more than 40 million newly-builts production line which produce 80,000 tons per year of wrappings of all kinds of wrapping paper, this project adopt complete automatic craft control, water circulation utilize etc. new and high technology. Realize no discharge and pollute, thus gain a remarkable economic and social benefits.

Under the positive leadership of Mr. Deng Dai Zheng,President & General Manager, the staff of group are now making great efforts to build a strong, prosperity KAITE of HI-Tech with energetic enthusiasm and high fighting will.

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