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Chemillennium International (H.K.) Ltd.


CheMillennium is an International Pharmaceutical Co. where Quality and Value to all is a Religion. We specialize in supply of chemical and natural raw materials to our global customers.

Our strict adherence to quality, utmost attentionto promptness, evokes confidence in our customers and suppliers of sustainable benefits, making us their partner of choice. Our highly experienced personnel and dedicated associates from several segments of the global pharmaceutical industry combined with Marketing and Distribution agreements with several Major Pharmaceutical and bulk drug manufacturers give us the competitive edge .Relations bring us the profit, and providing value to all is what ensures smooth relations.


Our business is segmented into two divisions Synthichem & Phytochem.

Synthichem division specializes in global sourcing and supply of various Hormones, Steroids and New Molecules. Focus on Products with a high added value.

Partnering with carefully chosen Pharmaceutical factories, with strong R&D activities fuelled by a zest for improved value for their customers and betterment of health, gives us an Ever-expanding product portfolio and a sustainable product pipeline.

Phytochem division specialize in global sourcing and supply of various Medicinal Plants , Natural Extracts and Phytochemicals.

From the Primitive Forests of Africa to the High Tech Factories in Europe, India or China, every trading partner of ours is carefully chosen and they all share our vision that high quality and value to our customers directly benefits us.

Our activities bring sustainable development to Developing countries in Africa and Asia while at the same time improving human health the world over.


With over 25 years of intimate knowledge of products, processes and markets in the pharmaceutical industry, we are in a strong position to provide our customers with a comprehensive service unparalleled in the industry. We aim to build strategic partnerships with our customers, to initiate an efficient and seamless supply-chain consistent with our mission to be one the most Reliable name for supply of API's and Plant Based Products in our Markets.

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