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Xuzhou Wanhe Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1995. Basing on the pharmaceutical industry, we are a production and sales company in multiple industries and regions. Our businesses include chemical material, medical appliance, health products, medicine circulation and international trade. "Leading by technical innovation, basing on the management innovation, talents the root of our business" is our developing policy. We are always concerned about the development of market and human resource; we have introduced qualified talents in production, management, sales and R&D fields, and have built a good sales network. In last years, we invested lots of money in the development of new product and technical innovation. It strengthens our core competitive force in the market, and promotes our status in our customers. Most of our business focuses on the sales of pharmaceutical intermediate. We cam sell 1 hundred million Yuan of products every year, 40% of them are exported to other countries. We have 35 million Yuan of assets and 2 production bases. In our 280 employees, 45% have the college licenses. There are 6 masters working in company for organic synthesis, international business, and finance and MBA fields. We have research & development room, and have set up special offices for investment and supervision.

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