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Zhuzhou Feilu Paint Industry Co., Ltd.


Zhuzhou Feilu Paint Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. The registered brands are "Yandi" and "Caiting". We are a private technical company, the member of China coating association, the member of coating committee of China chemical industry association, the important thick paste paint manufacturer in China for railroad wagon. 35% of thick paste paints in the Chinese market are made by our company.

Our production zone covers an area of 32 ha., and we have 60 sets of equipment. We can produce 10,000 tons of paints every year. We have good management system and strict production regulations.

Most of our attentions are paid on the development of special product with high technical level and in small series. General Manager is in charge of our research and product design; Up to the development of new product, senior engineers are responsible for their item and are evaluated by the last technical fruit and target. We are always concerned about product development. If our factory is producing first generation products, we have had the next generation one in our hands, and we are working on the third generation products. There are 3 key labs in our coating research & development centre, including water-base coating, heavy anticorrosive paint and coating for passenger car. We house 19 technicians in this center, 6 of whom are senior engineers, 8 are engineers, at the same time, and 2 coating experts who enjoy allowances from China state department are the long term consultants of our company.

We are good at the research and development of heavy anticorrosive paint, industrial terrace coating and industrial metal anticorrosive paint. In the appointed production qualifications evaluation of double-content coating for new passenger car, which are held by China ministry of railways in 2002, we were ranked 8 in the total score marks.

We are always stressed on the technical advancement and innovation of production methods. According to the most of indexes of our water-based thick paste paint, which are ready for new wagon of China railway, we are the leading manufacturer in China for this product. This paint can be used in existing pasting condition for solvent type paint.

Quality and customers are number one priority. We have got the certificate of ISO9000 quality system. We have complete QC system and inspection facilities. We can check each step of production from material to finished products. In last 8 years, tested by Sifang institute of China ministry of railways and Hunan chemical coating quality supervision station, the yield of our products is 100%.

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