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Shanxi Huaqian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.


Shanxi Huaqian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the Middle east of Shanxi province- Hua County, which is close to Qinling Mountains and Wei River. It is 80km away from Xian, 60km from terracotta warriors and horses and 30km away from Mountain Hua. Longhai railway, national highway 310 and Xitong expressway passes our company. We enjoy good location.

Our company consists of Huaqian plant extraction factory, Huaqian flour factory and Huaqian food & oil trade company. We are a new hi-tech complex for natural plant extraction, wheat process and depth-process of flour. We are producing quality product through advanced plant extraction equipment. We have 20 kinds of products, such as Silymarin, silybin, soybean isoflavone, Danshensu & matrine. Our products have been exported to decades countries and regions. We can produce 100 tons of Silymarin (DAB10 standard) every year. Annual comprehensive output value has reached 50 million Yuan.

Quality is the root of our development, only sincere service can win customers. We will do our business sincerely. We will develop our company according to our condition. With hi-tech and talent, we will provide quality product and excellent service for you. We and you will get co-development. Chairman Duan Minqian and all the staffs welcome your business.

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