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Xindu Shuyi Chemical Co.,Ltd.


The predecessor of Xindu Shuyi Chemical Co.,Ltd is Xindu Chemical plant which was well known in the south-west dye circle with its over 40-year glorious histiry. With the deepening of the building of market economy system, this company are increasing its competitive capacity. Under the call of Ms.Jiang Shengyu who is recognized as the heroine of the dye circle in west Sichuan, Xindu Shuyi Chemical Co.,Ltd was founded in an new company organization and managing model according to the modern company system .

Covering an area of 7998m2, this company has fixed capital of 3 million yuan and over 50 wokers including about 20 managers and technicians.

Adopting the suggestion of Sichuan International Business and Economy Committee, Xindu Shuyi introduced a modern product line which has an annual capacity of over 2,000 tons,half of which are exported. This company 's major products are iron oxide red and iron oxide yellow.The quality of these products excels the international standard, which makes these products well popular in Germany, Japan, Iraq and countries of the EU. For several years since its founding, this compnay always takes quality for lifeline and puts clients first relying on science and technology and sicientific managemnet.

Xindu Shuyi hopes to cooperate with people of the some trade at home and abroad for mutual development.

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