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Guangzhou Huiquanfeng dyestuff Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd.


Founded in 1985, Our company is a textile dye and auxiliary manufacturer and trader in the suburb of Guangzhou City . We have 100 employees. We help our customers solving this problems on dyeing process, or produce various dyes for our customers and sell dyes for famous dyes companies. After years hard works, we have ahad a good management system, some experienced inspector , complete facilities and steady sales network. Because our company can offer all series of dyes to our customers in good price, we have become very popular in our customers. In Guangdong province, we have occupied parts of dye market. At the same time, we also consume lots of materials during our operation, including original dyes powder, original auxiliary liquid, packing and equipment. Our products include HT, MT and LT reactive dyes, vat dyes(diffusance is 4 grades), strong acid dyes, medium acid dyes , weak acid dyes, disperse dyes, brightener for cotton/polyester, original auxiliary agent liquids for finishing treatment. We welcome your business and cooperation.

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