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Changzhou Yuexing Chemical Co.,LTD(Changzhou Guangming Bio-Chemical Institute)


Changzhou Yuexing Chemical Co.,LTD(Changzhou Guangming Bio-Chemical Institute)was established in 1989. Being located in the southern part of Jiangsu, a region of rivers and lakes, and lying beside Shanghai-Nanjian expressway, it enjoys a favorable geographical position and has a perfect sales network.

With the development of ten years, it has been a synthetically private chemical enterprise by integrating science research, production and management. It now employs more than 100 technical persons, with a total fixed assets of 12 million yuan and annual sales volume of 30 million yuan. It mainly manufactures a series of varieties of medical and biologlcal hormone products such as propranolol hcl intermediate,furosemide intermediate,phenformin hcl intermediate, furfurylamine,phenethylamine.hcl,iso-butylamine,benzoic acid and so on.

Changzhou Guangming Bio-chemical institute adheres to the belief of "the best quality and the best service" and sincerely hopes to build a continuous and stable business relations with friends from all circles.

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