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Anshan HIFI Chemical co., ltd.


In China, ANSHAN HIFI CHEMICALS CO., LTD. is the high & new-tech enterprise, Liaoning province's Star Enterprise, and National Dyestuff Engineering Research Center(NDERC)-Anshan test and industrialization base. The 35% employees of the company are with junior college or higher diploma, including 3 doctoral supervisors, 8 senior engineers, 3 graduate-students, 35 bachelors. In addition, the average age of the leaders is about 31 years old, all majoring in chemistry in famous universities of China.

HIFI company produces mainly 3 series of 30 more products-high performance solvent dyes, organic pigments , intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and coal tar series. The company has already developed to be the largest manufacturer of 1,8-naphthalic anhydride, fluorene, 3,4,9,10- perylenetetracarboxylc acid anhydride and their derivatives

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