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Yixing Xinyu Chemical Plant


We are a trade, technology and production company. Our products include Fur pigment intermediate, developer of colored film, Organic pigment intermediate, Pharmaceutical intermediate, Pesticide intermediate and Coating series.

Plant director:Yuan Shunfu Yixing Xinyu Chemical Factory is located in the Yixing city, which is close to Ninghang expressway, Xiyi expressway and Huning expressway. We enjoy good location.

Quality guarantee

We have got the certification of ISO9001:2000. We have complete facilities and experienced technical force. The equipment includes HPLC and GC. Our products have been exported to Japan, EU and USA. Customers are highly satisfaction with our products.

Security & environmental protection

Assessed and approved by Jiangsu safe production supervise bureau and Jiangsu economy & trade committee, we have got the production and hazardous chemical business license. Our waste treatment system has passed the examination of Yixing environmental protection bureau.


Following the market demand, technical advancement is root, management is base, and customers' satisfaction is target. We will become a high precise and new company.

Director Yuan Shunfu & all the staff welcome your business and cooperation.

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