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Qufu Hongly Chemial Industry CO.,Ltd

  Qufu Hongly Chemial Industry CO.,Ltd was established in October 1995.It lies in the famous historical place of interest Qufu,China.It covers about 16 acres. It has fixed capital equal to 8million RMB and annual output value equal to 50 million RMB. The company produces mainly Carvedilol and other intermediates which are related to cure high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseasees. And produce this product in the manufacturer earliest and now biggest in amount of production at home for our country. With the increasing need of the products,the company has a large space to develop.The products are mainly exported to sevetal domestic pharmaceutical companies and a dozen foreign countries. From the very beginning of its founding,the company has gained lots of support and attention from outside.With the qualified products and excellent services,the company has been fast to hold its position in the international markeet and has made agreements with several foreign customers to cooperate in the long run.The company has its ultimate aim that"Put quality first;develop continuously;respect the individual;and value theunity".In addition,it has its management ideal---"respect others, respect you,unify and develop. In 2002,the company began to lead in and carry out ISO9001:2000,and in January 2003 it passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000.The company will continue to improve its quality system based on ISO9001 to realize its goal and continuous development.The company is willing to cooperate and develop with customers domestis and abroad.

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