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Tiande Chemical Holdings Limited


Tiande Chemical Holdings Limited was registered in Cayman Islands in December 2004 as a privately owned joint-stock enterprise. It has offices in both Hong Kong and Weifang in China Mainland.

The annual production capacities up to 2004 are as follows: Ethyl Cyanoacetate?2,000 MT (largest in the world);Dehydrated Alcohol?0,000 MT;Tertiary butyl alcohol?2,000 MT;Dehydrated tertiary butyl alcohol?,000 MT;Methyl Cyanoacetate?,000 MT

Meanwhile the production facilities of Methyl Cyanoacetate 10,000 MT/Y are under construction.

Adhering to the operational concept of market-orientation, a large sales network of Tiande Chemical has been developed in China. Due to the wide applications of our products in industries field such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, adhesives, plastics, coating mixture and perfumery etc., our customer base spreads all over China. Tiande Chemcial guarantees timely sales, delivery and after sales services to our valued customers, whilst constantly monitoring the market with an ability to adapt promptly to market changes..

The sale network is enhanced by a mighty logistics system with means of transportation covering land, sea, air and storage facilities in each of our locale offices, which guarantee timely delivery of our products to customers all over the world.

We treat product quality as the life of company. Under the system of ISO9000, we are providing high quality products supported by advanced R&D technologies, accurate, first-class analytical facilities and methodology.

Integrity and reliability have remained constant as our core value. It's been our unchanging standard to provide customers with high quality products and services, and provide suppliers with prompt and convenient settlements.

We strive to offer our clients a service 2nd to none.

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