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Rugao Heng-Xiang Chemical Co. Ltd.


Rugao Heng-Xiang Chemical Ltd. Co. was founded in 1976. Our company specializes in the research, production and sales of fine chemicals. We are Hi-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province. Our company includes Nantong pyrrole type pharmaceutical intermediates engineering technology research centre & Nantong research base of Jiangsu pharmaceutical intermediates engineering technology research centre.

clohexane-1,4-dimethanol is our newly developed product for polyester, coating and related fields, the first to be industrialized in China market.

We are the largest N-ethyl-a-pyrrolidone (NEP) manufacturer in China, the annual output is about 1,000 tons.

N-ethyl-2-aminomethyl-pyrrolidine, levo-pyrrolidine, triphenyl phosphine and thiphenyl ethyl phosphorus chloride have been listed into China Key Torch Program, National Torch Program and the key national new product plan. We are the only manufacturer of some products in China.

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