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Tibet Municipality Pharmaceutical Company


Tibet Municipality Pharmaceutical Company was established in 1979. We are a state owned enterprise with independent legal status. We have our own sourcing and supply chain distribution system, serving local stores in Tibet and three subsidiary companies in Anguo(Hebei Province), Chengdu(Sichuan Province) and Germu (Qinghai Province). We also have joint venture company--- Tibet Snow Region Medicine Material Development Co.,Ltd. Now we have 150 employees, among which 35% have professional titles. We have a registered capital of 13.44 million yuan, and a fixed capital of 9 million yuan. Our company covers a total area of 97351 m2, including 12358 m2 of construction area.

Currently we mainly deal with distribution, wholesale, resale of pharmaceuticals, and purchase, processing and sales of traditional tibetan herbal drugs. We can provide roughly ten thousand products, which may be categorized into seven series---pharmaceuticals, traditional chinese medicine, medical devices, chemical regent, anesthetics. We have over twenty chain drug stores in Tibet. The tibetan herbs we provide include cordyceps sinensis, picrorrhizae rhizoma, fritillaria cirrhosa, musk, rhodiola sp., snow lotus, etc. Also available are rhodiola sp. tea and extracts of rhodiola sp., snow lotus and herba sweritiae.

We have been honored as "contract abiding & trustworthy enterprise" since 1995 by the Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce of Tibet Autonomous Area. We are willing to cooperate with our customers and friends for the health care of people in Tibet.

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