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Beijing Dyestuff Factory


Beijing Dyestuff Factory , which was founded in April of 1956, is located in the chemical industry zone of the southeast suburb of Beijing with the area of 420,000 m2, and is the largest state-owned fine chemicals integrated enterprise for the production of dyestuff, organic pigments and sulfuric acid.

Through 45 years’endeavor, a large-scale special dyestuff production enterprise around Beijing has been formed with the collectivized operation across many regions according to the economic market principles, and implements regular management.

Now we are able to produce annually: 100,000 tons of sulfuric acid; 5,000 tons of phthalocyanine series of organic pigments; 500 tons of direct dyestuff; 100 tons of pigment violet 23#; 100 tons of vat and red dyestuff; 100 tons of macromolecule series of pigment red and yellow; 200 tons of monoazo organic pigments; 7000 tons of indigo( including the production of Beijing Hengsheng Dyestuff Co., Ltd, Hualin Jingran Chemical Co., Ltd of Yizhou City of Hebei Province and Alashan Northwest Dyestuff Co., Ltd); 1000 tons of dispersing dyestuff. Not only that, we have a second-class waste water treatment plant with the capacity of 9,000 tons per day, as well as a mechanical repairing plant, and related power and energy production workshops.

Upon its strong technical power, Beijing Dyestuff Factory has accepted and completed more than ten state tackle-key science and technology projects during the sixth five-year and nine five-year period.   Welcome!!!!!!!

Because of the excellent and stable quality, our products are very popular everywhere, and indigo products have been exported very well all over the world.

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