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  Xi'an NaFine Daily-use Chemicals Industrial Co., Ltd.


Xi'an NaFine Daily-use Chemicals Industrial Co., Ltd. is a branch company held by NaFine Chemicals Group (NaFine Chemicals for short; Stock Code: 000737), which is established by Xi'an Daily-use Chemicals Industrial Co. in cooperation with Shanxi Yuncheng Salt & Chemicals Bureau mainly with the production and operating investment. It's also a limited company on the base of investment of Xi'an Daily Use Chemicals Industrial Co.,established according to the contemporary enterprise system. The company is founded and registered on 7th, May, 1996 with a register capital RMB 0.115 billion. Now the company owns RMB 0.375 billion's total capital including a fixed capital of RMB 0.192 billion. The under-established organizations of Xi'an NaFine include 1 company office, 8 departments, 1 center, 1 institute, 5 manufacturing plants and 2 branches. Now there're totally 752 staffs in our company.

  We own modern production lines for laundry powder, soaps, surfactants and liquid detergent, the largest and most modern sulfur trioxide sulfonating equipments with best control method in China introduced from Italy as well as the detergent manufacturing devices with advanced industrial level. Now we have 11 production lines, 2115 sets of equipments in various kinds, over 50 varieties of products in 8 categories and an annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons. Our main products are as follows, detergent powder series including "QIQIANG", "ZHONGHUA", "SHANDANDAN" and "JINMAO"brand laundry powder; Soaps series including "QIQIANG"and "ZHONGHUA" brand transparent soap, whitening soap, soap grain and so on; liquid detergent series including "QIQIANG" and "ANGEL"brand detergent,"VO","YIYELAN" brand bath products, "YIYELAN"toilet cleanser,"QIQIANG"and"ANGEL"brand disinfectant,etc.; Surfactant and chemical series including "AN"brand AES,AESA,AOS,sulphoacid,K-12,K12A,industial glycerin and sodium silicate,etc.

  Our company has passed the ISO9002(2000 Ver.)quality authentication and has complete quality assurance system. All of our products are manufactured strictly according to the relative national criteria and the user's requirements. With reliable quality, precise market definition and effective ad propaganda, "QIQIANG" product series have obtained good reputation and are deeply trusted and highly recognized by the customers. "QIQIANG" brand laundry powder won the honor of National Check-free Products in Mar.2002 and the "Chinese Famous Brand" in Sep.2002. Also, "ZHONGHUA" brand soaps and "AN" brand AES has won highly remarks in the national market as well as Shaanxi and the surrounding regions.

  Consisting on the operating motto of "Existence on quality, interests on management, development on techniques, expansion on service", aiming at establishing national brand images and producing famous brand products, with the overall quality control mode from supplier to customer, we are endeavor to change the quality control into management quality, thus to produce more excellent products and put ourselves to invincible position in the severe competition.

  Orientated by market, consisting on the principles of "3 All" as "All for market, all for sales, all for clients" and the enterprise spirit of "Challenge the future, self-overstepping", we have been implementated stimulated market management in internal management to achieve "Personal Responsibility Distribution" and form our unique enterprise culture. Since our transformation, with the leading and planning of the group company, we quickly grow up and get good economic interest. Now with new system, new management, new outlook and the objective of expanding and improving, we are making efforts to create the "NaFine of the new century" and "NaFine for the global market"!

  We establish the Xi'an NaFine Changji Branch in Xinjiang Changji Hui Nationality Autonomous Region to produce laundry powder and liquid detergent for Xinjiang and Middle-Asian market. We are looking forward to the visiting of the clients from all circles to seek cooperation for mutual benefits.

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