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Chaozhou Yuedong Chemical Industry Co.


Yuedong Chemical Industry Co. is an open and multi-purpose enterprise integrating research, industry and trade. It is composed by Yuedong Chemical Trade Market, Yuedong Chemical Factory, Yuedong Paper Product Factory, Yuedong Electronics Company, Weiyang Titanium Chemical Factory, ADC Foaming Factory, Plastic Auxiliaries Factory and the Research Institute, with Yuedong Chemical Industry Co. as its core. The company mainly produces and markets Titanium white, foaming agent ADC, DCP dicumyl peroxide, Lithopone, zinc oxide, barium stearate, sodium bichromate, potassium bichromate, chromic anhydride, Chrome oxide green,cuprous cyanide, benzene anhydride, DBP, Dioctyl Phthalate, etc.

Yuedong has become an industrial and research enterprise after 15 years of development. Now, we can produce 20000T Titanium white, 10000T Foaming agent AC, 1000T dicumyl peroxide agent, 5000T Lithopone and zinc white annually. Additionally, we produce 10000T plastic auxiliaries, 10000T chromium salt products and 8000T plasticizer per year. Because of our remarkable achievement, we have won a series of honors given by Commercial and Industrial Bureau and the government of Guangdong Province, such as "contracting and credit enterprise", "advanced enterprise", "star enterprise" and so on. The business volume has been more than thousand millions Yuan a year and we have been approved to be AAA credit enterprise by the financial system.

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