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Guizhou Redstar Developing Company Limited

  Guizhou Redstar Developing Company Limited is located within the territory of Zhenning County which is the hometown of Huangguoshu Waterfalls, a world-famous scenic spot. With the approval of the People's Government of Guizhou Province, the company, which soon became a listed company in Chinese stock markets, was jointly founded in April, 1999 by Qingdao Redstarchemical Group Zhenning Redbutterfly Barium Industrial Corporation which is the primary founder-member, Anshun State-run Assets Investment Operation Co., Ltd of Guizhou Province, Qingdao Redstarchemical Group Imports and Exports Co., Ltd, Qingdao Redstarchemical Group Zili Industrial Corporation and Zhenning Redbutterfly Industrial Co., Ltd. The company succeeded in being listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in March, 2001. The stock of the company is abbreviated as “Redstar Development” and the code of it is 600367. This is the first successfully listed company that combines eastern part and western part of China.   The main business of the company covers more than 20 varieties of three major series, namely, electronic magnetic material, rubber and plastic auxiliaries and natural plant extraction. Its primary products include barium carbonate, strontium carbonate, electrolytic manganese binoxide, insoluble sulfur, thiourea, sulfur, barium sulphate, strontium nitrate, strontium chloride, metal strontium, metal manganese, marigold, etc.    For many years, the company has insisted on the development strategy which is “with the financial management as the leading role, with the market as the orient and with the cultural construction of the company as the backing” and persisted in developing the enterprise spirit which is “pioneering an enterprise with painstaking efforts, dedicating unselfishly, pioneering and innovating, striving for the first-class”. Relying on the advantages such as the prestige, market, technology, management and so on that Qingdao Redstar Chemical Group Co., Ltd has formed for many years, the company combines with abundant resources in the west, continues taking the road of combining the east with the west, complementing the advantages of each other and expanding in low cost, and develops Hi-Tech diversified industries with the electronic magnetic material, rubber and plastic auxiliaries and natural plant extraction, etc as the pillar for building a modernized enterprise with “first-class benefits”. The annual production and sales volume of barium carbonate and strontium carbonate, the most competitive products of the company, is more than 300,000 tons at present, accounting for 1/3 of the production and sales volume of the world. It has already be a barium salts manufacturer with the largest production scale of the monomer of barium salts, the most beautiful production environment in the same trade, the most stable product quality and the most competitive cost of goods. After visiting the company in April, 2000, Wen Jiabao, the Premier of the State Council, highly praised the company as a “model succeeded in east-west cooperation”.

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