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Hengyang Hongxiang Chemical Co. Ltd.


Located in Hengnan County of Hunan province, Hengyang Hongxiang Chemical Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive chemical company, adjacent to 107, 322 national highway, and Jingguang, Xianggui railway, enjoying convenient transportation.

Since the beginning of production of this company, owing to the perseverance and continuous development of Hongxiang, it has achieved great progress, with various leading economic indices. Its total assets is about RMB 100 millions yuan. This company occupies 120 thousands square meters, and has company staff of over 700. Hongxiang can produce in one year 60000 tons of powder barium carbonate, 15000 tons of thiourea, 21000 tons of granular barium carbonate, 3000 tons of thiourea dioxide, 1500 tons of 2-cyanogen-4-nitroaniline, and 5000 tons of barium nitrate, with a yearly yield value of RMB 180 millions yuan. The annual ouput of thiourea, barium carbonate ranks first, and third, respectively around China. This company is also the only one manufacturer of thiourea dioxide which is in the south of the Changjiang River (Yangtze River).

Hongxiang pays much attention to its own administration and product brand. In 1998, it registered a brand of "Hongxiang", and in 1999, the company received the ISO9001 quality certification. In 2000, the company satisfactorily passed the examination of evnvironmental indices. In 2001, two kinds of products of Hongxiang, low-calcium thiourea and low-calcium thiourea dioxide, were regarded by the department of science & technology of Hunan province as high-technology products. In 2002, the company was honored by this department with a title of "corporation of high and innovative technology".

Hongxiang also gives much emphases to the introduction, education and employment of personnel, and has developed a complete staff echelon. The company has totally 160 technical and administrative staff, who have ever received college education. Meanwhile, Hongxiang has also made many efforts to cooperate with colleges and universities, and this has greatly enhanced the company's technical strength. Through the cooperative research with Hunan University, the company has improved the manufacturing procedure of thiourea dioxide, which has enhanced the stability and security of this product. This innovation has improved our product quality, and also made our company the first one to successfully resolve the problem of product decomposition during long transportation of thiourea dioxide. Moreover, we have also resolve the problem of agglomeration of barium nitrate, through the cooperation with Zhongnan University. Now, barium nitrate of our company would not agglomerate in 12 months. Since 1995, our products have been saled to 80 countries and districts, such as Europe, USA, and Japan. These products are welcomed by our customers for high quality and our excellent service. The brand of Hongxiang has been well known around the world, and the company's exportation ranks top three in Hengyang. In recent two years, in order to enlarge its business, Hongxiang has invested RMB 50 millions yuan in Guizhou and Neimenggu to build two new plants.

Now the company has reconstructured itself by introducing joing stock system. We believe that through improvement of product quality, lowering the product costs, enhancement of company administration, and education of our company staff, Hongxiang would make another accomplishment during the process of economic globalization.

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