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jiangxi province jishui city county hongda natural perfume co.,ltd


Founded in 1986, Jiangxi Province Jishui County Hongda Natural Perfu-me Co., Ltd., a chinese licensed corporation aggregate with a solideconomic base and independent legal liability, is one of the long-established and leading manufacturers engaged in elementary gum turpentine oil derivatives. The main products of our firm are "YUDA"brand pinene series and "YUDA" brand terpene alcohol series.

Adopting advanced technologies and strict worksite administration in manufacturing process, plus extremely rigid test on finished products, the quality of our products is well guarnanteed. We are committed to supporting our ppurchasers' business with high-quality, stringently tested materials, all technical criterions needed in elative standards can be retrieved from our lab, other test reports of additional items such as flash point, POV will be provided according to clients' particular desire. The annual productive capacities of Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene are 2000mt and 1500mt respectively.capacities of Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene are 2000mt and 1500mt respe-ctively, while we can also provide our customers with terpene alcohol series products and by-products, including Perfumery Grade Terpineol, Medical Use Terpineol, Pine Oil, Terpinolene and Dipentene, at a total quantity of 2000mt approximately each year.

Our factory has been constantly sticking to the management concept of "quality first, custo-mers first" since its establishment in 1986. After some two decades of continuous developments, our products are readily accepted in domestic market by foreign trade companies and industrial customers. In 2003, we ventured into overseas market, some of our products have been directly exported to foreign countries such as India, UK, Pakistan, Singapore, Japan, etc, and our products also enjoy high reputations in these countries.

Warmly welcome industrial and commerical customers from around the world to take a virtual tour of our facilities and trade with us, we are looking forward to networking or strengthening business relationships with you on the basis of mutual benefits.

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