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Dandong Fine Chemicals Factory


Joint Venture Dandong Fine Chemical Factory,located in the special zone of Yalu River,facing Sinuzu,D.P.R.K. across the river.The plant occupies 20000 square meters,building area 5000 square meters,fixed property 20 million yuan,it is a new chemical enterprise with advanced equipments and strong technics force.the number of high and medium level technology qualified personnels amount to 300.

工工We produce more than 20 dyes including acid,weak acid, medium acid,neutral,alkali,etc.Among them,weak acid yellow GN,weak acid yellow 5GN and neutral acid yellow 3GL appearence in state market for the first time which have higher reputation in internal and external market. Our main purpose:Quality First,Customer First,which had been well known in and outside of the country.

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