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Hunan Coran Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd.


Hunan Coran Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd. has registered and confirmed as a national-class High & New Technology enterprise in August 1999 by Hunan Province Science & Technology Bureau. Our company had the license of export & import trade.

  We are a professional manufacturer of battery materials. Our main products include Activated Chemical Manganese Dioxide(ACMD), Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD), High-purity nanometer Indium Oxide (In2O3) and Indium Hydroxide {In (OH)3}.

  As being the pioneer of ACMD industry in the world, we have the absolute advantages of quality and marketing. ACMD has been accepted and adopted by more than eighty battery manufacturers from home and abroad. Especially we have already had our own materials processing base, our ACMD will be much steadier.   Meanwhile, as for our Super-Purity Nanometer Indium Hydroxide [In (OH)3] and Indium Oxide (In2O3) Powders, they have the following advantages: large specific surface area, good dispersion, excellent corrosion inhibition, strong anti-vibratility and competitive prices. So they are very suitable for the need of the mercury-free requirements of alkaline- manganese batteries.   Also, we can provide competitive electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) with steady quality.

  We are applying for ISO9001:2000 now and will be more standardized in management. We will continue to aim for customers' highest, good-faith cooperation, co-development slogan and try to provide our best services for our customers.

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