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Sichuan Tuozhan Special Gas Co., Ltd.


Sichuan Tuozhan Special Gas Co., Ltd. is a direct distributing general agent in Sichuan, Chongqing area set up by Pan Zhihua Steel & Vanadium (Group) Co. Oxygen Plant, takes the whole responsibility for market sale and development. The leading products of our corporation are 'Rongmian' pure argon, high pure argon and liquid argon; it has high technology content, steady and reliable product's quality, all have reached or exceed state execution standard. At the same time, we also sell different kinds of special gases for industry, food, medicine and science research, such as nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, oxygen, ethyne, carbon dioxide, mixing gases, etc. Tuozhan has solid technology strength, several senior engineers who engage in production, management, research for a long time; it is a professional corporation to produce and sell special gases for a long time.    Sichuan Tuozhan Special Gas Co., Ltd. set up in Jan.1997, formally registered in Sichuan Industry & Business Administration Management Bureau, has absolute juridical qualification.

  Sichuan Tuozhan Special Gas Co., Ltd. lies in Sanqiao Village, Waidong Honghe Town, Chengdu, covers an area of 2,0O0m2; it is only 1.5 kilometers away from the Chengyu Highway Charging Stationabout 8 kilometers away from downtown, having convenient traffic.  

  Our liquid argon is produced by Pan Zhihua Steel & Vanadium (Group) Co. Oxygen Plant, which is the biggest helium gas production base in Southwest Area. This plant now has real estate whose original cost is 33.9 million yuan, holds a set of 10000M3/H gas separation equipment which is produced by Japan Rili Co., several sets of 6000M3 gas separation equipments made in China. The production capacity for liquid argon is 20-30M3/day. This plant has reasonable production technology layout, advanced equipments, solid technology strength, complete quality guarantee system and modern managing means. The product is strictly produced according to the ISO9000 series standard, its quality is above the state standard; it gets widely recognition and praise from the customers for a long time.

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