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Hunan Phoebus Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Hunan Phoebus Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding company by Yueyang Xingchang Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and it is a high-tech corporation mainly study, produce and distribute the new style chemical materials. Copolymerization latex of organosilicon and acrylic acid produced by us was consider as a high-tech product reaching international advanced level after evaluating and judgment by experts group organized by the department of science and technology in Hunan. For the national market was monopolized by the imported product so it's production will become a milestone for transformation of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property into productive forces and increasing the repute of national industrial product.

Apart from latex series for architectural paint, we will launch adhesive series with widespread usage and excellent technical characteristic, and high tech product in new style energy materials field. A special scientific team composed of postdoctors, doctors, Masters and senior engineers is set up. We will keep the predominance of leading technology and carry on technological innovation by horizontal integration with universities and scientific organizations. We will utilize the flexile mechanism of modern enterprises, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, and keep the stable, wholesome and high-speeddevelopment of the enterprise. Basing ourselves on domestic market and facing international market and we will meet the advent of new economical era with well economic efficiency and social benefit.

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