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Hunan Haili chemical industry stock co,ltd

  Hunan Haili chemical industry stock co,ltd is a high technology company was awarded by national sci & tech department which it include exploiture, application and management, we mainly develop, produce and sale farm chemical and refined chemical industry products. We established the industrial testing base of national amino formic acid ester product and Hunan base of national southern farm chemical pharmacy center two national science research exploiture bases.    We exploit and produce amino formic acid ester product, one of pesticide of three kinds of farm chemical in the world, high-efficient weedicide, phosgene series products and refined chemical industry products etc four series more than thirty varieties, main products kebaiwei and canshawei has high market occupancy rate, and the market occupancy rate of canshawei is 100%, the products has mentioned and phosgene product TH-200, refined chemical industry product is good sale in domestic and export to abroad.    There are 1420 staffs in our company, and more than 297 staffs have undergraduate certificate (include 36 masters), 212 staffs have college certificate, 191 staffs have technical secondary school certificate,105 staffs have high professional technique title, 540 staffs have low/medium technique title, and 522 production personnels, 75 salesmen, 410 technicians, 24 financial personnels, 48 administrative personnels, 341 retiring personnels.    Company was approved to issued 11 million shares of public stock to the society by China securities supervisory committee in July of 1996, and issued 51 million shares capital stock. Listed and trade in Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 2, 1996".   From 1996 year, we manage the production strictly, develop new products, and by means of the capital management, realized fast development in short time, to 31 Dec 2000, total capital stock is 233,921,176 ten thousand shares, social public stock is 74,643,075 ten thousand shares.    We enlarge industry with firt-class technologyk, first-class product, scientific management and regular operation, the business income is RMB 300,148,700 yuan in 2000, it is four times of business income in 1994. We carried out capital management at the same time of carrying out products management, we has controlled and annexed Jiangxi Guixi farm chemical factory, Zhuzhou Xiangjiang refined chemical industry factory, Beinong Zhuozhou pesticide manufactory and Wangcheng Gaoxin chemical industry factory, so our enterprise has got good economic effect and social effect. Enterprise was assessed the key high-tech enterprise of national torch project in 1997. Hunan Haili company was awarded praise prize of torch project actualization by national science and technology department; it was awarded excellent enterprise with advanced quality by China quality testing association; and it was awarded excellent enterprise of national chemical industry quality management group by national petroleum chemical industry department in 1998. Haili company was awarded top ten high-tech enterprise by Changsha high-tech development management committee in 1999.

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