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Nanjing Guanhua Trading Co.,Ltd.


Nanjing Guanhua Trading Co.,Ltd., founded in 1998, deals in imported quality fine chemicals concerning the fields of medicine, pesticide, chemical engineering, electronic, textile, plastics, metallurgy and new materials. Placing persistent emphasis on technology, quality and service, Guanhua enjoys high reputation in the field.

Having established sound trading cooperation with big excellent enterprises abroad and at home, Guanhua introduced in a lot of quality chemicals from the US, German, France, South Korea, Japan and etc. On the one hand, Guanhua provides and serves domestic factories with the quality products, and on the other hand, helps with efforts to export domestic fine chemicals, intermediates and resource products.

Since its establishment, Guanhua has extended its business and is always keeping developing in a strong and rapid mode. Thanks to the fact that it always values business credit and morality during the cooperation with enterprises both at home and abroad, Guanhua is given a lot of praise and trust.

In respect of marketing and management, Guangua has a group of efficient and vigorous personnel specialized in chemical engineering, international trade, operation management and finance. In addition of Trade Department, Financial Department, Documents Office and Storage & Transportation Department, Guanhua established branch office in Tianjin, and warehouses in Nanjing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which enables it to be an outstanding trader in import and export.

Nanjing Guanhua Trading Co.,Ltd. firmly complies with customs and usages of international, values contract and credit, and commits itself to the development of international trade.

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