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Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co.,Ltd.


  Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co.,Ltd.(SFF) is a joint stock company established on the basis of Shandong Friend Group.It is situated in Junan County seat in Southeast Shandong,bordering on the north Yan-Shi Railway and Ri-Dong Expressway,which cross the county seat,and adjoining on the south No.327 Provincial Highway.It is 50 KM and 100 KM from Linyi Airport and Lianyungang Airport respectively.It has an advantageous geographical location and convenient communications.   SFF is a national large enterprise mainly engaged in the production of monosodium glutamate,ranking 3rd in the same industry of China in comprehensive capacity.It possesses 500 million yuan existing assets and has 1,500 employees,among whom 500 are polytechnical school graduates,college graduates and technical personnel. It covers an area of 200,000 sqm.It consists of 7 subsidiaries such as the Monosodium Glutamate Factory,the Xanthan Factory,the Compound Fertilizer Factory,the Thermal Power plant,the Starch Factory,the Packing Materials Factory and so on.In recent years,under the correct decision of the management and through the leapfrog development,self accumulation and continuous cost-efficient expansion,SFF has been growing ceaselessly,keeping a firm grip of biological fermentation--its core business operation.Its product quality has been upgraded steadily and its market competitiveness greatly enhanced.It has formed an annual capacity of 80,000 tons monosodium glutamate,13,000 tons starch,80 million kwh electric power,80,000 tons organic compound fertilizer and various auxiliary packing materials,which support production,bringing 1 billion yuan of sales revenue per year inclusive of 100 million yuan of profit and tax.Its major product "Friend Monosodium Glutamate" has won titles of "Famous Brand of Shandong" and "China Famous Seasoning Prestige Brand".

  Currently, SFF has availed itself the opportunity for development and seized the new round adjustment of the product mix.It plans to make an investment in the amount of 600 million yuan for construction of a bioengineering park with hi-tech as the new approach and production of forefront bioengineering products as the final target.The park integrates production,scientific research,life,merchant invitation and investment attraction,incorporating endless development.After its completion,it will bring an annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan inclusive of more than 300 million yuan of profit and tax.

  Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co.,Ltd. situated in Junan County,Shandong Province,China,is a joint stock company founded on the basis of former Shandong Furui Group.  As a large-scale enterprise in China,Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co.,Ltd. possesses a fixed assets of over RMB¥500 million and 7 subsidiaries---the Monosodium Glutamate Factory,the Xanthan Gum Factory,the Glutamic Acid Factory,the Compound Fertilizer Factory,the Thermal Power Plant,the Corn Starch Factory and the Packaging Material Factory.The company covers a total area of over 80 hectares and has more than 1500 memners,among them about 500 are secondary and senior technicians/experts in various fields.  After a series of deliberate feasibility study and adopting the most advanced technology of the world,the company invested large amount of capital to construct the Xanthan Gum project which is one of the company's biochemical projects.Since the Xanthan Gum was put into production in March 2003,it has won high praises for its strict management,steady high quality,perfect service and satisfied performance-price ratio.FUFENG Xanthan Gum products meet GB13886-92,FCCIV and other relevant standards.  The company is fully certified with ISO9001:2000 & ISO14001:1996.

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