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Product Type:
Soaps, fragrance And cosmetics/Fragrance
Main Specifications:
PURITY99.5%min STABILITY: Good in all products, including soap and detergents . Far superior to the highly terpenic natural lime oils that are prone to oxidation and subsequent CONCENTRATION: Can be a major constituent up to
Packing: 170kgs. net wt. in Galvanized iron drum of each 53 gallons.
Product Description:

Appearance:Colorless liquidOdor powerful, tart, lime, cologne-like of the myrcenolderivatives, this is the sweetest and most lime like.Boil Point 77 - 79C/1.3kPaFlashpoint (closed cup) 74C Refractive Index (NaD 20C) 1.439 - 1.443Relative Density d2525 0.830 - 0.836Acid Value (MG Koh/G) 1 maxUSES:Mostly in citrus types to give lime cologne freshness to bouquets, occasionally in small quantities in floral such aslilac.

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