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Triethyl orthoformate
Tiande Chemical (Group) Holdings Limited

Shanghai Changfeng Chemical Industrial Factory

Di-octyl Terephthlate
Molecular weight :390.57...
Jiangxi Yongtai Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Stearic Acid
The industrial products are white slice or lumps.They are not soluble in water,slight soluble in benzene and carbon bisulfide ,soluble in ho...
Dandong Julong Chemical Co.,LTD

Emulsifier S-80
A liquid like viscous oil with dark amber to dark brown colour.They are not soluble in water,soluble in hot oil and organic solvent ,and pos...
Dandong Julong Chemical Co.,LTD

Fatty acid tallow-alkyl
 Solidifying point℃40-47    Iodine value gI2/100g 3845    Saponi...
Dandong Julong Chemical Co.,LTD

egetable Oleic Acid
Transparent,yellowish oily liquid.Color will be dark with time goes on exposed in air,not volatile,insoluble in water. ...
Dandong Julong Chemical Co.,LTD

Avaliable for producing various kinds of preparation,solvent,moisture absorption ,antifreeze and sweet taste acidifier,putting up external u...
Dandong Julong Chemical Co.,LTD

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