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ZheJiang ShanYu Dyestuff Chemical Co.,Ltd.


ZHEJIANG SHANYU DYESTUFF CHEMICAL CO.,LTD., A chemical enterprise with the right of import&export, which passed the attestation of international standard system Iso9001 in 2000. As one of the most important enterprise of producing disperse dyestuff of the china, it mainly produces and manages high grade dyestuffs and chemical intermediates of Shanyu Brand. In which the high-strength,non-toxic disperse dyestuffs are 10000 tons per year,vat dyestuffs indigo are 8000 tons per year and 70% of the products are exported to all the countries and areas of the world.

Our factory as the advancd technology, hightest quality and superior reputation, we will develop the new products, enhance the quality and serve the customers over the world on the basis of "best quality, best price, best service" as our everlasting goal. The director, Mr.Taoguolai, sincerely welcome all friends from both domestic and international to visit and discuss the business cooperation.

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