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Shaanxi Baohua Chemical Co.,Ltd.(Formerly Baoji City Chemical Plant)


Shaanxi Baohua Chemical Co.,Ltd. is founded by reforming the famous chemical factory Baoji City Chemical Plant established in 1966. The company is located in Baoji, the second biggest city in Shaanxi province and also an important industrial city in China, with superior location, convenient transportation and developed telecommunication.

The company occupied 37340 square meters, with RMB50,000,000 in fixed assets and RMB3,000,000 registered capital, is a specialist in the production and marketing of persulfates series chemicals with the annual production capacity at 12000 Mts including 3000mts for Sodium persulfate; 8000 Mts for Ammonium persulfate and 1000Mts for Potassium persulfate. It is the only manufacturer in China for producing Sodium persuflate, Ammonium persulfate and Potassium persulfate at the same time and the important persulfates producer, exporter, researcher in China. The persulfate products are widely used in industries such as electronics, organic synthesis, textile printing and dyeing, petroleum, coatings and pharmaceuticals.

Relying on its own export business, the products have been used by the firms of Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Hongkong and Taiwan , enjoyed very high regards among them. The company is equipped with first-rate production facilities in China, and has adopted the ISO9001:2000 scientific management model to ensure stable product quality and thorough and detailed services.

Warmly welcome the businesses in the world for inquiry; negotiation; ordering products; investment and collaborations for our mutual benefit and synergetic growth.

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