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Shifang City Changjiang Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd


Shifang City Changjiang Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive group with six plants which mainly manufacture various phosphoric chemicals. It is located in the major city of SiChuan province which is famous as a fine phosphate chemicals base in China and overseas as well.

Our company has perfect technological process and advanced management system which secure high product quality, mainly manufactures and handles products such as Monopotassium phosphate(MKP), 100%water solubles fertilizer,Sodium Hexameta phosphate (SHMP),Monoammonium phosphate(MAP), Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), Urea phosphate (UAP), Ergocalciferol(Vitamin D2),Rutin,Baicalin,Oleanolic acid,Berberine hydrochloride,Chlorogenic acid and so on. Phosphoric chemical products have reached even exceeded the standard stipulated by the states. Pharmaceutical chemicals have meet the international standard.

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