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Huangyan Yannian Pharmaceutical Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Founded in 1995,YANN Parmachem has successfully specialized in the development of new processes for the manufacture of Pharma Bulk Actives,Intermediates,Fine Chemicals and sophisticated next generation compounds.We will always develop businesses under the themes of "environment" ," health" ," quality" ," service" .

YANN Pharmachem now has six subsidiary manufacturing plants, two companies, three R&D institutes and one joint (China-American) laboratory. The production facilities are designed for the manufacturing of pharma bulk actives,intermediates and fine chemicals.The fully equipped pilot plant provides a versatile facility for small volume production and for scale up of processes. We offer fully integrated facilities to meet your custom synthesis requirements,from process research to development and manufacturing in full confidentially. The R&D institutes successfully develop new chemical processes for several products every year.Final product purification and subsequent drying,grinding and blending is performed in separate pharm zones.Under the strict quality control,our manufacturing capability ranges from a laboratory production,a pilot production to a commercial production.YANN Pharmachem has the ability to respond quickly and the capability to rapidly make changes in production planning to meet global market requirements.

Our team of highly skilled technical,sales,marketing,manufacturing and customer service personnel is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with high quality products and service that you expect from YANN Pharmachem.

Nothing is truly impossible,there's always a way over or through or around any difficulty. Please knock at YANN Pharmachem's door,when you need our productions,when you want to develop new special chemicals.

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