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Qinghai East Potassium Chloride Industry Trial Plant


1.Our factory is the state-owned joint venture enterprise invested together by Lienyunkang design study institute of chemical department, Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group Co.,Ltd. and Beijing Hi-tech Technology and Trade Co.,Ltd. Our factory was established and put into production in 1994. Yearly production capacity of potassium chloride is 15 thousand tons, for carnallite with low sodium is 70 thousand tons, for potassic fertilizer is 12 thousand tons. The total assets is 20 million RMB.

2.Administration : One factory director, three deputy factory director, one secretary, factory includes production department, quality control department, marketing department, financial department and integrative department(office). There are 9 administrants, 6 of whom has senior professional tiles. There are altogether 200 staff members in our factory.

3. The production process for producing high-grade potassium chloride and carnallite with low sodium has won national patent.

4.Sales: Our factory is the first factory in our country which produces highgrade potassium chloride in large scale and has filled the vacuum in the potassium chloride industry. Products are used in the industries of chemical, plating, food etc. and sold to Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Hebei, Ningxia, Gansu etc..

5. Development: Our factory owns powerful technical strength. Level of control and production has been continuously improved during the process of operation. The rate of first quality has reached 100%.

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