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Taiyuan guangpu chemical co., ltd


Taiyuan Guangpu Chemical Co., Ltd. A special Company of Chemical materials and in the line for more than ten years history. It specialize in Chemical materials of Organic and inorganic,Dyes,Galvanization Chemicals etc. It has its own Export and Import rights and the licence of Managing dangerous Chemicals. The Company include the Board of directors,Board of supervisers,Export and Import Department,office of President,inorganic and organic Department. Its main business covers more than 100 kinds such as Potassium nitrade,Potassium Carbonate,resin,Paraffine,Phosphric acid,phosphate,Vat dyes,Direct dyes and Leather dyes etc.

We have customers in every province town of china and international Countries and enjoy convenient transportation.

Our chemicals have various kinds and specifications, all of them are high quality and low price. We own good credit and can delivery products immediately. Welcome you to visit and contact us for cooperation.

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