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Shanxi Calcrete Chemical Co.,ltd.


Shanxi Calcrete Chemical Co.,ltd. is situated in the Yuci District . It covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters. Our company is the chemical enterprise that can produce a series of nitrate products.

Main product: calcium nitrite (20,000 tons/year); calcium nitrate (10,000 tons/year); nitric acid (10,000 tons/year).

The company has standard technology of production, advanced equipments, abundant technical force, fully equipped measures of checking and the comprehensive quality guarantee and supervision system.The purpose our company pursues is " the supreme quality and prestage, and the sincere service ". Our company has established friendly cooperation with more than 100 companies and our products are sold as far as to Europe; the Unite States,Japan; Korea; other countries in southeast Asia, and so on..

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