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Nanjing Odyssey Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

  The Nanjing Odyssey Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. which was established in 1994, is both a research enterprise and a manufacturer of intermediates for pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals. Our activities cover in particular the following sections: quinoline derivatives; phenol derivatives; ketones; carboxylic acids; etc, of ten sections of about 100 products. The purity of our products is basically 99%,Currently we have production region of over 60000m2 and capability for the production of several different products simultaneously. Stocks are always available for prompt delivery. Most of our products are exported and also have enjoyed a good reputation for their high quality as well as their competitive price. Mr.Yaofang Pan, president and general manager of the company, sincerely wishes to cooperate and strengthen the business relations with our customers both at home and abroad for common prosperity.

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