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Shenzhen Juzhi Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Juzhi Chemical Co.,Ltd. is established in 1998.

¡¡¡¡Our company is located in Pinghu town of Shenzhen. Pinghu town, only two kilometers away from Shenzhen materials circulation base£¬is the ideal distributing center for chemical products. Our company owns independent office building£¬various kinds of store houses and some transportation vehicles. Our company also invested to establish two chemical factories in Zhejiang province. Main products include zinc oxide, chlorowax and its collection. Our company is mainly operating different kinds of chemical material of rubber auxiliaries, plating, metal finishing, washing material, dyes auxiliaries, sewage treatment and organic solvent etc..

¡¡¡¡According to the principle of¡°sincerity-oriented£¬mutual benefit¡±£¬our company is the general agent of many manufacturers and the fixed dealer. With advanced office conditions and convenient and prompt delivery of cargo, we would like to provide highgrade service for trades and manufacturers that would like to develop in Shenzhen. Our company will always provide perfect after-sale service with¡°first grade brand£¬excellent service and reasonable price¡±.

Staff members in our company would like to develop together with friends in the chemical industries.

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