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JCIG (Jilin City) Lianhua Welfare Chemical Industry Factory


JCIG (Jilin City) Lianhua Welfare Chemical Industry Factory is one of welfare enterprises of JCIG; we enjoy all of preferential policies from Chinese government. Our company is affiliated with JCIG Beifang Yunque Gas Factory, is an independence legal corporation. We have a total fixed asset of 17 million Yuan and 2 million Yuan of current funds. We have 101 employees and 5 sets of production equipment. The annual sales volume is 17.60 million Yuan.

We produce TRIETHYL PHOSPHATE and PALLADIUM CHLORIDE. We produce 1500 tons of TRIETHYL PHOSPHATE every year. The annual output of PALLADIUM CHLORIDE is 200kg. TRIETHYL PHOSPHATE has been exported to Japan, USA, Taiwan and Germany.

Our company is located at the bankside of Souhuajiang River. We enjoy good location. We have good work team, 6 have college license, 2 are assistant certified accountants, and 32 are technical workers. We are not in debt. We have got lots of honors. Our TRIETHYL PHOSPHATE equipment is a large phosphorous chemical apparatus in China. We can produce TRIETHYL PHOSPHATE, triphenyl phosphate, tri(hydroethyl) phosphate, tri(1-hydropropyl) phosphate, tri(1,3-dihydroisopropyl) phosphate, triphenyl phosphite.

There is no debt left in our company. We have quality product. We will provide excellent service for you. We pursue good reputation and mutual benefits. We welcome your business.

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