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Yunnan Dahutong Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.


Yunnan Dahutong Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. We have 10 branches around China. Our projects include titanium mine, deep-processing of titanium mine, sales of chemicals and planting of rubber and fruit. We have 800 employees and 80 million Yuan of fixed assets. We can produce 1.2 hundred million Yuan of products every year; the tax is about 20 million Yuan. We have become the trustable company since 1995. We became one of 100 private companies of Yunnan province and one of 50 private companies of Kunming city in 2000. We are the outstanding company of Kunming city and good taxation company of Fumin County.

We are the leading company in China for titanium industry, the annual output is 80,000 tons; we are the largest manufacturer of Yunnan province and the second largest manufacturer in China. Our product's quality is perfect. In 2002, taking the advantages of titanium, water and power in Fumin county, we invested 50 million Yuan in the building of 10,000T/A of white titanium pigment deep-processing factory. From a high beginning, its quality has reached the leading level of the same products in China. Yunnan province can produce top-grade white titanium pigment at first time. We have 7,000mu rubber farm in Xishuangbanna and 8,00mu fruit trees in Anning. These will form certain-scale business in 2004.Besides mine and chemical industry, it will become a new green industry of our company too. We founded Chengdu hutong chemical material company in 1997; it is the largest chemical company in Southwest of China. This company has over 30 kinds of products. It is a new developing road for our chemical business and information collection.

We have good technical team and management system; we have self research & development organization. Our development are following such policy of "Act cautiously, to keep pace with 3 industries". According such sales policy of "Developing market, growing price, innovative consumption, to be famous brand", we have has a good sales and brand tactic, and which has went well with Chinese reality. Through advanced management pattern, we have become a leader of this trade in production, sales and research.

Our status and quality are number one priority. We would rather shut our company than selling bad product to our customers. "Honesty, Contribution, Service and Benefit" is our philosophy. Upholding your supports and cares, we will obtain more brilliant future.

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